Boxovacie vrece Yakimasport 130 X 40 CM

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Boxing bag 130 x 40 is  also an ideal choice for people training at home.The height and weight of the boxing bag were made for recreational and fitness training

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The box bag is mainly intended for home use. This weight and size of the boxing bag ensures adequate comfort during training, especially for those who hang them in apartments or small gyms.

Height: 130 cm

Total length of box bag + chain: 170 cm 

Diameter: 40 cm

Circumference: approx. 110 cm

Weight after filling: approx. 40 kg

Included in the price is a four-arm metal chain for hanging a punching bag and a set for fixing it to the ceiling

WARNING!!! Punching bag available with or without padding 

Suitable materials for filling are: textile scraps, or pieces of fabric, foam, etc.

Unsuitable are: sand, hard objects, objects with sharp edges,…

In the case of a full bag order, delivery may be extended by a few days due to filling


Since this is an oversized item, the shipping price for a full bag is €9.90.  

Free shipping with a full bag applies to total orders over €250

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